Resolved Instruments

Resolved Instruments is a scientific instrumentation company with a goal to modernize high-end instrumentation by combining the latest data acquisition technologies with technologies from modern consumer electronics.

Resolved Instruments DPD80 USB Photodetector

$2,000.00  $2,300.00

The Resolved Instruments DPD80 USB Photodetector is a high-speed and low-noise photodetector optimized for measurements from 1 – 100 MHz. In its most basic configuration, the DPD80 is powered by a USB type-C connector, provides 80 kV/A amplification of the photodiode current, and outputs this voltage signal to a SMA port. By using high-quality photodiodes from Hamamatsu and the latest in low-noise current amplifiers, the lowest in-class noise-floors are achieved making the Resolved Instruments DPD80 an upgrade to photodetectors such as the InGAas New Focus 1811 or the Femto HCA-S-200M.

However the real power of the Resolved Instruments DPD80 comes from the integrated, low-noise 14-bit 80 MegaSample / second analog-to-digital converter that enables streaming of the signal in real-time to a PC over USB 3. Included software allows researchers to acquire real-time data in either the time or frequency domain, eliminating the need for separate amplifiers, analog to digital converters, oscilloscopes, and spectrum analyzers. Additionally, Resolved Instruments has created Python, MATLAB, and C libraries to enable data collection and automation in your choice of programming language.

The DPD80 is available in a variety of options:

  • standard photodetectors
  • balanced photodetectors
  • free-space photodetectors (FS)
  • fiber-coupled photodetectors (FC)
  • silicon photodiodes
  • InGaAs photodiode

Each DPD80 USB Photodetector is individually calibrated before being shipped to ensure accurate conversions from ADC code and output voltage to input power. The calibrations can be found on either the Certificate of Calibration provided with your DPD80

Lead time is approximately 1 week.