EZ Raman Handheld

  • The EZRaman-H is a high performance handheld Raman analyzer for rapid material identification and verification in a cGMP environment.
  • Fast and accurate material ID
  • Built-in calibration
  • Simple to add compounds to instrument library
  • Easy calibration transfer to other EZRaman-H analyzers
  • Easily operated by non-technical staff, lower operating costs
  • Point and click operation
  • Measures samples through transparent containers, reduces potential contamination and personal exposure
  • Supports 21 CFR Part 11 and cGMP compliance, automatic documentation.

ChemReveal Compact Precision Lab System

  • Laser-induced breakdown spectrometry (LIBS) for broad elemental analysis – including Light elements of Z<12 (e.g. C, H, O, N, Li, B, Be) and heavy elements
  • Rapid analysis – seconds to minutes
  • Little or no sample preparation – solid samples analyzed as is, or pelletized powders (excipients or binding agents optional)
  • Less sample required than other elemental analyzers
  • Depth profiling and spatial mapping at a micron-scale
  • Micro- to macro- analysis – targeted and flexible spot analysis
  • Qualitative sample classification or quantitative element concentrations
  • Configurable laser and detector choices to suit your applications
  • Detection limits in 10s of ppm for most elements
  • TSI global service and support



TSI  builds a variety of reliable, precision measurement instruments including the EZ Raman Handheld and the ChemReveal Compact Precision Lab System. With headquarters in the United States and with offices around the globe, TSI can help you with your material sensing needs.

You can learn more about TSI at http://tsi.com/.