AtomTrace LIBS Interaction Chamber

The development of a specialized interaction chamber was the outgrowth of more than 17 years experimental work with the LIBS technique by the principals at AtomTrace. The chamber was designed in such a way so that it simplifies or even automates routine procedures necessary for the LIBS measurements, enabling the application of LIBS in all standard modes, and allowing modifications for individual scientific experiments. The interaction chamber accommodates a wide range of benefits listed bellow, thus becoming the cornerstone of the LIBS workplace, together with the laser and detection system.

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  • Safety – The chamber encloses the laser – matter interaction, protecting the laboratory from the intense laser and plasma reflections and potentially toxic vapors.
  • Ease of Operation – Intuitive software, interactive online sample view; by clicking into the view the manipulator sets the sample into the aimed position.
  • Automation – Motorized 3-axis sample manipulation, possibility of defining particular analysis points or rasters for 2D mapping, movement resolution < 2um
  • Simulation of different atmospheric conditions – The pressure can range within 1-1300 mbar with different atmospheres e.g. He, Xe, CO2, and thus simulate (for instance) Mars environment.
  • Laser autofocus – Make quick measurements of complex surfaces.
  • Integrated optical elements – Laser beam focusing setups, apochromatic optical system for the collection of plasma radiation in the spectral range of 175 – 1300 nm.
  • Basic and advanced LIBS – Orthogonal inputs for the laser beams enable realization of all the available variants of LIBS (such as collinear and orthogonal Double-Pulse LIBS, LIBS + LIFS).
  • Additional spectroscopic techniques – Possibility of simultaneous utilization of other techniques such as Raman spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy, photoluminescence, and others.
  • Configurable – From basic to complex; a fully equipped research chamber. The chamber is divided into individual modules available for purchase separately with the option to select positions of individual optomechanical elements (collecting systems, focusing systems, types of vacuum ports and others)



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