ChemReveal Compact Precision Lab System

  • Laser-induced breakdown spectrometry (LIBS) for broad elemental analysis – including Light elements of Z<12 (e.g. C, H, O, N, Li, B, Be) and heavy elements
  • Rapid analysis – seconds to minutes
  • Little or no sample preparation – solid samples analyzed as is, or pelletized powders (excipients or binding agents optional)
  • Less sample required than other elemental analyzers
  • Depth profiling and spatial mapping at a micron-scale
  • Micro- to macro- analysis – targeted and flexible spot analysis
  • Qualitative sample classification or quantitative element concentrations
  • Configurable laser and detector choices to suit your applications
  • Detection limits in 10s of ppm for most elements
  • TSI global service and support

We’ve been working on LIBS since 1998. Feel free to call us about your application, experimental configuration, and for help with references, etc. We love to talk about LIBS!


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The TSI ChemReveal LIBS Desktop Elemental Analyzer offers direct chemical analysis for virtually every element in solid materials. Based on advanced laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), the ChemReveal LIBS Desktop Elemental Analyzer is the ideal instrument for fast elemental analysis when chemistry may be unknown – making it perfect for pre-screening and easier than other more laborious methods! The ChemReveal analyzers are designed to measure organic elements (C, H, O, N), truly light elements (e.g. Li, B, Be, Na, Mg), and heavy metals simultaneously. With high-resolution imaging of samples and computer-controlled sample manipulation, the ChemReveal LIBS analyzer allows for detailed spatial and depth profiling of solid samples – great for use on probing films and coatings. Designed for laboratory use, with both basic- and advanced-level user interfaces, the ChemReveal LIBS Desktop Analyzer is optimal for researchers, scientists, and test technicians who are looking to quickly assess the element composition of solid samples.

The ChemReveal LIBS Desktop Elemental Analyzer is equipped with ChemLytics™ software that supports method development, detailed spectral investigation and both customer-built and pre-loaded libraries/calibrations. ChemLytics provides the tools you need for the classification and quantification of elements and chemical properties in your materials.  For advanced users, ChemLytics Plus™  software works with industry-standard chemometric software that creates multivariate models for quantification in complex matrices, and library matching for challenging positive material identification.

Backed by TSI’s global service and support, and built with TSI’s more than 50 year history for providing high quality instrumentation, the ChemReveal LIBS instrument is the ideal choice for solid elemental analysis.


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