Raman Spectroscopy Systems

Flash Photonics offers a wide selection of high-end and affordable Raman spectroscopy systems from TimeGate, Wasatch Photonics, MarqMetrix, and TSI. If you’re unsure about what Raman system is right for your project, contact one of our experts.

Wasatch Photonics

Fastest Raman spectrometer on the market today. F#1.3 yields amazing light collection.


The MarqMetrix All-in-One is everything you need to take high-quality Raman measurements just 5 minutes out of the box.

EZ Raman Handheld

High performance handheld Raman analyzer for rapid material identification and verification in a cGMP environment.

TimeGated® PicoRaman System

Minimize fluorescence, maximize Raman signal.

What is Raman Spectroscopy?

Raman spectroscopy is an essential tool for measurement of the molecular composition of nearly any sample. Briefly described, about one in every million photons that impinges on a material scatters with a slight shift in energy corresponding to a deficit (or addition) related to a ro-vibrational quantum of energy. By measuring the scattered spectrum, rejecting the incident laser light, we can determine the molecular characteristics of the sample.

TSI EZ Raman Handheld

TimeGated PicoRaman System


There are broad applications for Raman spectroscopy both in laboratories and in industrial settings. Raman can be used for reaction monitoring, sample identification, and dynamic changes during processes. For example, Raman can monitor surface changes to catalysts during reactions.

Our Products

We carry everything from Raman spectrometers for integration in your lab application to full Raman instruments.  We have recently also added a full suite of lasers suitable for Raman applications.  Let us know how we can help apply Raman spectroscopy to your challenging measurement needs.

MarqMetrix: All-in-One

Wasatch Photonics: Raman System


Questions about Raman Systems?

Our experts will respond to your Raman System questions within one business day.

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Introduction to Flash Photonics Raman Spectroscopy Products




Raman Spectrometers Wasatch Photonics Wasatch makes a full line of spectrometers from the UV to the NIR. These spectrometers are great at light collection, with an F#2 design, and excellent stray light rejection.  Perfect for capturing all of the Raman photons.
Raman Lasers Flash carries a complete set of single mode and multi-mode DPSS lasers from 405 – 1064 nm, with optical power between 50 – 500 mW depending on the wavelength.  Only a few of the many options are on the website.  Please call for details!
Raman Fiber Optics We can provide almost any sort of custom fiber optic for Raman spectroscopy or any other application.
Raman Sample Probes MarqMetrix Flash carries the patented MarqMetrix™ Ballprobe, which is excellent for solid, gas, and particularly liquid samples.  We can also provide other standard probes and microscope interfaces.
Full Raman Systems Wasatch Photonics Integrated with a DPSS laser, we can provide Wasatch integrated systems with acquisition software at a competitive price and superior performance compared with any compact Raman instrument on the market.
 — Marqmetrix Flash is proud to carry the MarqMetrix All-in-One, a full-featured, compact Raman solution with an onboard computer, Raman analysis software, cooled detector, and TouchRaman™ technology.  The All-in-One is competitive with other full-featured laboratory systems.
Fluorescence-minimizing Raman Instrument TimeGate Instruments Broadband fluorescence can mask the Raman signal from many samples, including biological, mineral, and advanced material samples.  The patented TimeGate® system uses a short-pulse laser and a high-speed detector to capture the Raman signal before fluorescence occurs.  Tests on many Raman applications that previously suffered from fluorescence interference have shown 90-95+% reduction in the fluorescence.