About Flash Photonics

Flash Photonics brings you the most innovative new measurement devices in spectroscopy. With Raman, LIBS, Photoacoustic, and Infrared systems, we are experts in providing fit-for-purpose atomic, molecular, and material property measurements. When you are looking for the best, most cost-effective solutions to your analysis challenges, give us a call. With our experience in laboratory and industrial measurements, if we do not have a ready-made solution, we can help you find the best available system to solve your problem. In a Flash!


Kevin Kaye

Director of Sales

After working at Litton building laser systems for the DoD, Kevin Kaye joined Ocean Optics, where he worked in complex systems sales, including LIBS and Raman, for approximately 15 years. Kevin joined the Flash Photonics team in November 2016. Kevin is known for his hands-on and solution-oriented approach that embodies the way Flash Photonics does business.

Steve Buckley, Ph.D.


Dr. Steve Buckley worked for 10 years as an engineering faculty member at the University of Maryland and U.C. San Diego before leaving to co-found Photon Machines, Inc., which built LIBS and Laser Ablation systems as well as NIR tunable diode laser systems. Photon Machines’ LIBS business was purchased by TSI in 2012. At TSI Steve worked as the Director of Market Development. In 2015, he founded Flash Photonics.

Stephen Smith, Ph.D.


Dr. Stephen Smith led sales teams at Coherent and Quantel for a combined 20 years before launching his own investment and representation group, and ultimately joining Flash Photonics in 2017.

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