Custom Sensors & Technology (CS&T)

Flash Photonics has partnered with CS&T to deliver customized sampling monitors and systems to customers in North America. Many of our optical sensing systems integrate well with tools and accessories by CS&T.  

CS&T Probe + NIRONE Sensor

Custom Sensors and Technology has incorporated the Spectral Engines NIRONE sensor into their CST 3323 Series Probe. This powerful duo combines the precision of the CS&T probe with one of the world’s most advanced MEMS IR spectrometer. Easily and precisely conduct NIR measurements of liquids and other samples on your work bench or out in the field. 

PX2+ Photometer

The PX2+ Photometer is designed for use in continuous process monitoring applications in a variety of industries. The PX2+ is a highly sensitive, easy to use, and compact instrument capable of making absorbance or fluorescence measurements.