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Successful Demonstration of Spectral Industries LIBS in a Silver Mine

We successfully demonstrated SPECTRAL’s LIBS sensor 150 meters below the surface in an old silver mine. We showed that our LIBS sensor equipment is robust and transportable for operation down in the mine and that it delivers high quality LIBS signals in this harsh environment. Examples: we detected sulphur at 180.7 nm and trace levels of silver.  Although the Reiche Zeche mine in Freiberg (Germany) is not operational anymore, the conditions are comparable to a real operational environment. This is another step in or ambition to bring laboratory equipment to mining operations. (Work performed as part of the EU H2020 project “Real-Time Mining”)

Using Timegated Technology to Measure Spodumene Conversions

Timegated Raman Spectroscopy makes it possible to measure highly fluorescent and very hot materials. Timegate Instruments Ltd measured spodumene conversion rate during batch kiln furnace tests in May 2017.

Hydrocarbon measurement is a critical quality attribute in many smart industry processes

There is a high demand for the total composition of hydrocarbon gas mixtures in energy, power plants, natural gas and biogas industries.  Spectral Engines NIR sensors offer a cost-efficient way to monitor hydrocarbon concentrations in many oil & gas or energy industry applications.

High Resolution Chemical Mapping of Geological Samples Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) is a technique of atomic emission spectroscopy that has high application potential in the field of spatially resolved elemental analysis. Chemical maps provide the information about the surface distribution of the selected chemical elements in the analyzed area in a clear visual form. In this case, a sample under study was chalcopyrite rock fixed in epoxy resin.

Precise elemental and material property analysis can be accomplished with LIBS spectroscopy.

Using the compact TSI ChemReveal, users can accurately target solid samples for analysis. Multivariate chemometrics or standard peak integration techniques can be used for elemental characterization, while chemometrics also can yield bulk material properties.

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