by Liquid Instruments

Accelerate workflow and maximize productivity with Moku:Lab, a compact and powerful software-reconfigurable test and measurement platform with an industry-leading user experience.

Replace multiple instruments, including oscilloscopes, function generators, data loggers, lock-in amplifiers, and more.



12 Premiere Professional-grade Instruments

Transform the way you do test and measurement by gaining access to twelve professional-grade instruments that come included with every Moku:Lab.

Lock-in Amplifier

Arbitrary Waveform Generator

PID Controller

Bode Analyzer

Laser Lock Box



Spectrum Analyzer

Digital Filter Box

Waveform Generator

Data Logger

FIR Filter Builder

Fluid & Intuitive User Interface

Moku:Lab’s fluid and intuitive user interface takes full advantage of the iPad’s multi-touch gesture capability to redefine the way scientists and engineers do test and measurement.  Instead of buttons, visually control the instrument parameters and instantly see how the parameters affect the results.  A great teaching tool!

Click below to scroll through the visual interfaces of each instrument.

Unparalleled flexibility

Moku:Lab is a software-reconfigurable hardware platform that combines the signal processing power of an FPGA with high-speed analog inputs and outputs to bring you a new level of flexibility in the lab, in the field, or on the production line.

Software & Integration

Control your Moku:Lab hardware through an intuitive iPad interface, or with our LabVIEW, Python, and MATLAB APIs.

Moku:Lab App

The App allows for intuitive configuration, visualization, and
monitoring of each instrument included with Moku:Lab.

LabVIEW™ integration with Moku:Lab

Build your own interface or modify our examples to incorporate
the power of Moku:Lab into your existing virtual instruments.

Python scripting for your Moku:Lab

PyMoku enables user scripting and live environments,
with full flexibility to program your Moku:Lab.

MATLAB™ control of your Moku:Lab

Generate real-time animations of experimental data and
perform automated data analysis, directly from MATLAB™.

Hardware Specifications

Two High Speed Analog Inputs

  • 500 MS/s, 12-bit ADCs
  • 200 MHz bandwidth (-3 dB, 50 Ω)
  • 50 Ω or 1 MΩ impedance
  • AC or DC coupling

Two High-Bandwidth DC Coupled Analog Outputs

  • 1 GS/s, 16-bit DACs
  •  >300 MHz bandwidth (-3 dB)
  •  50 Ω impedance
  • DC coupled

Ultra-stable Clock and External Triggering

  • Ultra-stable oscillator with better than 500 ppb accuracy
  • 10 MHz reference input
  • 10 MHz reference output
  • External trigger input

Convenient Connectivity and Storage

  • Connect to your Moku:Lab via Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB
  • Control your Moku:Lab using iPad, Python, LabVIEW and MATLAB interfaces
  • Save data to Dropbox, email, SD card, or Moku:Lab’s internal RAM
  • Comes with a 16 GB SD card

Flash Photonics distributes Liquid Instruments Moku:Lab in the U.S. Contact us if you have questions or would like to order one today.