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Timegated®Raman Approach offers a totally new in-line monitoring solution to many current bioprocessing challenges. Benefits that can be achieved include:

  1. No need for sampling monitoring and no risk for process contamination
  2. Real time data of growth media composition, cell density, and produced proteins
  3. Improved signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for signals from cells
  4. In-line control of nutrient feeds to bioreactors

Using Timegate Raman Technology for the Polymorphic Identification of Pharmaceutical Solids

Timegated® Raman provides several advantages for the studies of polymorphic forms of pharmaceutical substances and drugs. It:

  1. Gives information about polymorphic structures and chemical composition of pharmaceutical substances
  2. Provides ease of use with efficient rejection of fluorescence interference
  3. Does not require any sample pretreatment
  4. Can be easily adapted to various different measurement and monitoring needs, e.g. to drug development, API synthesis, formulation and manufacturing, dissolution and bioavailability studies and to validate the drug stability in storage.

Use Near-Infrared (NIR) Technology to Monitor Pharmaceutical Production and Quality Control

Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy enables the determination of amounts of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and excipients in pharmaceutical production. The quality of pharmaceutical ingredients is absolutely critical to ensuring patient safety. 

Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) for the monitoring of moisture in the creation of pharmaceutical tablets.

In this Application Note, Spectral Engines discusses how the NIRONE Sensors were used in the monitoring of calcium carbonate tablets.


The PX-2 operates at speeds up to 220 Hz and offers excellent pulse-to-pulse stability. It can be triggered by an external TTL pulse and offers software control of the flash rate.

Additional Information

  • Adjustable flash rate – optimizes measurements of light-sensitive samples
  • Simple operation – software control of flash rate and synchronization
  • Reliable performance – excellent pulse-to-pulse stability for long measurements

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