The Next Generation of Echelle Spectrometers

IRIS Datasheet

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Combine Raman & Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) functionality in one instrument.

IRIS Specifications

  • Unique combination of high bandwidth and high resolution in one instrument
  • High throughput and efficiency compared to other echelle spectrometers (F#2), resulting in lower detection limits or shorter integration time
  • All components selected and designed to work together harmoniously, while maintaining flexibility for OEM customization
  • Robust design
  • Very low temperature sensitivity
  • Able to withstand harsh environments
  • Can combine Raman and LIBS functionality in one instrument
  • Calibration software available
  • Spectrometer suited for 180 nm to 900 nm
  • Deep-UV CMOS camera available

Inspired by a Mission to Mars

Inspired by R&D for the ESA ExoMars mission to Mars, Spectral Industries has developed the IRIS, a very efficient and robust echelle spectrograph for application on Earth.  This unique technology offers space technology quality hardware that is useful under a wide range of conditions.

If you need reliable characterization in a flexible, robust package, this is your echelle spectrometer!  It features proven better signal-to-noise-ratio (~1000) than leading competitors and is ready for any environment from the field to the factory.  Plus, the UV-compatible CMOS camera delivers a 180-800 nm range at a fraction of the cost of other full-range solutions.

If you feel adventurous, click on the video.  (Changing the YouTube settings to “Subtitles on” and “Auto-Translate to English” is helpful if your Dutch is not up to the task!)


  • Mining
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical
  •  Recycling
  • And Much More!

About SPECTRAL Industries

SPECTRAL Industries is headquartered in The Neatherlands and develops optical sensor systems for non-contact chemical analysis.

To learn more about SPECTRAL Industries visit https://spectralindustries.com/.