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Custom Fiber Optic Assemblies

Our partner, Gulf Photonics, has built a strong competency in the design, development and manufacture of cable assemblies that cover the full spectrum. Gulf Photonics excels at providing custom solutions for our customers’ most difficult technical challenges. All assemblies are manufactured in-house, and a strong vertical integration is maintained to provide our customers with competitive pricing and guaranteed quality.

  • Patch Cables
  • Bifurcated Cables
  • Custom Termination
  • Borosilicate Bundles

Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Not every patch cable is created equally. Our partner, Gulf Photonics, takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality, most durable patch cables out there. If you need your cables to perform right the first time, every time, don’t take chances with cheap imitations, call us for distribution today.

Our standard patch cables come with your choice of Broadband (200-2200nm) or UV/SR fiber (200-1100nm). If you have a need in the Deep UV (190nm and below), contact us to learn more about our Enhanced Solarization Resistant (ESR) product line.

Custom lengths, fiber types, connectors, and cable construction are also available, please inquire for more information and a quotation.

Bifurcated Cables

Our bifurcated cables are perfect for routing of light to and from a sample, for illuminating one sample with two light sources, or for collecting light to be routed to multiple detectors. Our standard cable lengths are from 1-10 meter common legs, with 0.5 meter breakout legs. They are terminated with high-quality proprietary Gulf Photonics SMA-905 connectors, and come standard with your choice of silicone monocoil or fully expanded stainless steel jacketing.

Our standard cables come with your choice of Broadband (200-2200nm) or UV/SR fiber (200-1100nm).  If you have a need in the Deep UV (190nm and below), contact us to learn more about our Enhanced Solarization Resistant (ESR) product line.

Custom lengths, fiber types, # of furcations, connectors, and cable construction are also available, please inquire for more information and a quotation.

Custom Termination

Sometimes off-the-shelf just doesn’t cut it. Our partner, Gulf Photonics, has made it easy to help our customers find the exact solution they need to fit their application. We work with wide variety of fibers, connectors and sheathing options, which means whether you’re driven by cost or performance, we’ve got a solution for you. Gulf’s design engineering team can help define your requirements, develop documentation and select the best materials. Unlike many of our competitors, we’re happy to tackle low-volume and development projects.


Length options:

  • 40mm to 40m (including connectors, tip-to-tip)
  • Plus or minus 0.1m standard tolerance unless specified
  • Longer and shorter assemblies available upon request


Fiber types available:

  • Borosilicate fiber – 30 or 50um diameter (0.55 or 0.62 NA)
    • 380-2000nm transmission range
    • Ideal for bundles & low-cost applications
  • Silica/silica fiber – 50, 100, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000um core (0.22 NA)
    • UV/VIS (300-1100nm)or VIS/NIR (400-2500nm) wavelengths
    • Polyimide buffer on 50-800um fiber
    • Acrylate buffer on 1000um fiber
  • Single mode fibers
  • Plastic/polymer fiber available (large core, high NA)
  • Metal-coated fibers available (aluminum, gold)


Termination/Connector options:

  • ST – Keyed with alignment pins, quick release (no threads); telecom
  • FC – Keyed with alignment pins, but threaded; telecom
  • SMA 905 – The standard for fiber optic spectrometers
    • Standard or enhanced styles
    • PEEK (non-conductive, for magnetic environments)
    • Ceramic ferrule for tighter concentricity tolerance (laser & single mode fiber applications)
    • Micro EDM linear array of fibers
  • Bare Fiber End – Specify length to be exposed from jacket
    • Cleaved or polished end
    • Transition to jacket can be loose, potted with epoxy, or fixed with a connector (fiber protruding)
  • Ferrules & probes
    • 1/4″ & 1/8″ diameter, 3″ long stainless steel is standard
    • Custom diameters & lengths
    • Brass, copper, aluminum, PEEK, Delrin available (inquire about other materials)
    • 90 degree or other radial bend


Material options for furcation blocks, probes, and ferrules:

  • Delrin – hard, machinable plastic, non-stick, black
  • Teflon – softer than Delrin, higher temperature resistance, white
  • PEEK – non conductive & non-corrosive – ideal for use in magnetic fields & corrosive environments
  • Aluminum – lightweight, low-cost, & non-corrosive
  • Stainless steel – corrosion-resistant, harder than aluminum or plastics


Jacket materials available:

  • PVDF zip tube – low cost & flexible, but kinks are possible
  • Silicone monocoil – crush resistant, will not kink, higher temperature
  • Fully interlocked stainless steel BX – even higher temp & crush resistance; fiber protected from snapping (unlike fully expanded BX)
  • Medical silicone sheath – FDA & food grade, autoclaveable if assembly is built with the proper process (please specify)
  • Stay-put stainless steel interlock – fully interlocked, holds shape once bent
  • PVC monocoil – crush resistant, but lower temperature range & no strength member

(Some jackets available in multiple colors – inquire for selection)


Borosilicate Fiber Bundles

Borosilicate optical fiber is an efficient, effective method for moving light when reliability and cost are your key concerns. Our partner, Gulf Photonics, has been drawing its own borosilicate fibers for over 20 years. This experience ensures that we can custom configure bundles to fit any application. From complex medical applications to custom probes, we have seen it all. Whether your application needs just a few fibers or has a high degree of complexity, our team can make it happen.

Many application needs can be met with less expensive borosilicate glass fiber assemblies. This fiber transmits well in the visible, from 380-1700nm. Borosilicate glass fiber is typically small in diameter (<100um), with a thin cladding and no buffer. This allows it to be more flexible and have a very tight bend radius – perfect for small spaces.

The high core to cladding ratio makes borosilicate fiber ideal for tight packing into bundles, as seen to the right. Bundles can contain hundreds to thousands of single fibers, maximizing light collection and transmission, and offering valuable redundancy in case of fiber breakage.

Borosilicate fiber also boasts a larger numerical aperture, making it well-suited to spectroscopy and sensing applications requiring efficient light collection. Bundle geometries can be customized to the application, with each termination uniquely matching the object to which it is mated – a narrow slit, a round LED, or a series of legs routed to different sampling locations.

We have 35um and 50um diameter fiber available, with numerical apertures of 0.55 and 0.66.

The large number of fibers used in a borosilicate fiber bundle makes it ideal for light manipulation. A multi-legged assembly can be built such that the input from each leg is evenly distributed across the bundle area (randomized), thus mixing light from different sampling points (or sources of different wavelength) without the use of a diffusing element and its associated attenuation. Conversely, the light can be carefully mapped, with input from each leg routing to a different part of the bundle or slit.  Contact us if you think borosilicate may be an option for your application.


Current Product Technical Specifications

Product Data Sheets (Open as PDF)

Fiber Optic Patch Cables
Reflectance Probes
Bifurcated Cable Assemblies
Deep UV Fiber Products


Fiber Attenuation Curves

Broadband fiber (200-2200nm):

UV/SR fiber (200-1100nm):

Borosilicate Fiber Bundles (300-1500nm):

Custom Fiber Optic Assembly Products

  • Bifurcated Fiber Optic Cables

    Bifurcated Fiber Optic Cables

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  • Borosilicate Fiber Bundles

    Borosilicate Fiber Bundles

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  • Custom Termination Services

    Custom Termination Services

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  • Fiber Optic Patch Cables

    Fiber Optic Patch Cables

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