Custom Termination Services

We work with wide variety of fibers, connectors and sheathing options, which means whether you’re driven by cost or performance, we’ve got a solution for you.  Our design engineering team can help define your requirements, develop documentation, and select the best materials.  Unlike many of our competitors, we’re happy to tackle low-volume and development projects.


Length options:

  • 40mm to 40m (including connectors, tip-to-tip)
  • Plus or minus 0.1m standard tolerance unless specified
  • Longer and shorter assemblies available upon request


Fiber types available:

  • Borosilicate fiber – 30 or 50um diameter (0.55 or 0.62 NA)
    • 380-2000nm transmission range
    • Ideal for bundles & low-cost applications
  • Silica/silica fiber – 50, 100, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000um core (0.22 NA)
    • UV/VIS (300-1100nm)or VIS/NIR (400-2500nm) wavelengths
    • Polyimide buffer on 50-800um fiber
    • Acrylate buffer on 1000um fiber
  • Single mode fibers
  • Plastic/polymer fiber available (large core, high NA)
  • Metal-coated fibers available (aluminum, gold)


Termination/Connector options:

  • ST – Keyed with alignment pins, quick release (no threads); telecom
  • FC – Keyed with alignment pins, but threaded; telecom
  • SMA 905 – The standard for fiber optic spectrometers
    • Standard or enhanced styles
    • PEEK (non-conductive, for magnetic environments)
    • Ceramic ferrule for tighter concentricity tolerance (laser & single mode fiber applications)
    • Micro EDM linear array of fibers
  • Bare Fiber End – Specify length to be exposed from jacket
    • Cleaved or polished end
    • Transition to jacket can be loose, potted with epoxy, or fixed with a connector (fiber protruding)
  • Ferrules & probes
    • 1/4″ & 1/8″ diameter, 3″ long stainless steel is standard
    • Custom diameters & lengths
    • Brass, copper, aluminum, PEEK, Delrin available (inquire about other materials)
    • 90 degree or other radial bend


Material options for furcation blocks, probes, and ferrules:

  • Delrin – hard, machinable plastic, non-stick, black
  • Teflon – softer than Delrin, higher temperature resistance, white
  • PEEK – non conductive & non-corrosive – ideal for use in magnetic fields & corrosive environments
  • Aluminum – lightweight, low-cost, & non-corrosive
  • Stainless steel – corrosion-resistant, harder than aluminum or plastics


Jacket materials available:

  • PVDF zip tube – low cost & flexible, but kinks are possible
  • Silicone monocoil – crush resistant, will not kink, higher temperature
  • Fully interlocked stainless steel BX – even higher temp & crush resistance; fiber protected from snapping (unlike fully expanded BX)
  • Medical silicone sheath – FDA & food grade, autoclaveable if assembly is built with the proper process (please specify)
  • Stay-put stainless steel interlock – fully interlocked, holds shape once bent
  • PVC monocoil – crush resistant, but lower temperature range & no strength member

(Some jackets available in multiple colors – inquire for selection)





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