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Nanonics Imaging is headquartered in Israel and is a pioneer in atomic force microscopy (AFM) systems. AFM provides a variety of nanometric characterizations such as topography, conductivity, and thermal measurements. Nanonics Imaging’s Hydra BioAFM, MultiView 4000, and SpectraView 2500 offer integration with one or a combination of: Bio-Imaging Applications, Terahertz Spectroscopy, Cryogenic Systems, High Magnetic Field Studies, and Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering (TERS).  Learn more about Atomic Force Microscopy here.

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Topography of living MDCK cells imaged with Nanonics VISTA showing microvilli.
DNA decorated with quantum dots.

Vivid Imaging Soft Touch Atomic Force Microscopy (VISTA)

Nanonics Imaging VISTA offers ultra-sensitive single pN force mapping combined with the benefits of super-resolution optical and fluorescent imaging.

VISTA allows for the highest force sensitivity of any AFM: down to single pNs.

AFM with a Large Z Range

Nanonics probes and scanners enable imaging of high aspect ratio deep trenches and protrusions not previously possible:

  • Large Z scanning range: 85µ
  • Long tip length of >100µ or greater
  • Very high 10:1 aspect ratio glass probes

Atomic Force Microscopes

  • Hydra-Bio Atomic Force Microscope

    Hydra-Bio Atomic Force Microscope

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  • MultiView 4000

    MultiView 4000

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  • SpectraView 2500

    SpectraView 2500

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HydraBio AFM

The Hydra BioAFM featuring VISTA (Vivid Imaging Soft Touch) system combines ultra-sensitive single pN force mapping with super-resolution optical and fluorescent imaging. You can now image fine structures such as live cells and microvilli with <100nm optical resolution and directly correlate them with AFM topography.

MultiView 4000

The Nanonics Imaging MultiView 4000 enables the utilization of up to four probes for independent imaging and manipulation of a sample. This platform can integrate AFM, Raman, and Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS). You can measure electrical, thermal, and optical properties and conduct advanced experiments such as nanoscale transport, optical pump-probe, and read-write experiments.

SpectraView 2500

Nanonics Imaging SpectraView 2500 is a compact, ultra-low noise Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) offering some of the highest resolution and force-sensitivity commercially available today.

Nanonics Imaging, headquartered in Israel, specializes in nanoscale characterization and imaging hardware. They have worked with hundreds of universities around the world and have partnered with Flash Photonics to bring these products to North America.

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