Analyze Solids with LIBS

Precise elemental and material property analysis can be accomplished with LIBS spectroscopy. Using the modular AtomTrace Sci-Trace system, or the compact TSI ChemReveal, users can accurately target solid samples for analysis. Multivariate chemometrics or standard peak integration techniques can be used for elemental characterization, while chemometrics also can yield bulk material properties.

Analyze Materials with Raman

Raman analysis provides a molecular fingerprint of materials. Scattering is instantaneous but relatively weak, and may include interfering fluorescence. Our TimeGate Raman products use ultra-fast detectors to collect scattering and reject the slower fluorescence signals. The TSI Raman systems provide the best signal / noise ratio of standard Raman systems available on the market today.

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Analyze Gases with Photoacoustics

Gases are typically difficult to analyze quickly in the parts-per-billion (ppb) range – or at least they were before the development of the Gasera One photoacoustic system. Using a patented cantilever microphone, the Gasera One has unprecedented sensitivity to an array of gases, including most small hydrocarbons, HF, formaldehyde, H2S, anesthesia gases, and more. Contact us about this new system!

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Use Raman Spectroscopy for Bioreactor Monitoring

Bioreactors culture cells for many purposes,such as drug discovery, cloning cells&tissues for experimental/therapeutic purposes, etc. In advanced bioreactors, analysis of the media and cells is only periodic (e.g. daily). Traditional Raman suffers fluorescence interference. However, TimeGate Raman eliminates interference and can be used to measure cell characteristics and media characteristics.