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White Papers on Food and Agricultural Applications

Using Near-Infrared Sensors for Non-Destructive Brix Measurements

We tested our NIRONE Sensor S1.4 against a classic refractometer’s results on a store-bought box of strawberries. The new NIRONE Sensor S1.4 covers wavelengths 1100 – 1350nm and generates chemical information from 2nd overtone vibrations making the NIRONE S1.4 the ideal sensor for smart agriculture applications. For example, it can be used to measure protein and moisture levels in grains, solid foods and animal feed.

Future smart home appliances will tell you about the food you consume.

Spectral Engines’ award-winning FoodScanner technology combines affordable material sensors and cloud computing.  Imagine a world where your home appliances give you information about the food you’re going to consume.

Moisture Analysis in Smart Process Industries

Moisture is a critical parameter in industrial process.  Spectral Engines has developed miniaturized near-infrared sensor products which can be used for moisture measurements and monitoring applications in various processes or portable instruments. Near-infrared technology has several benefits such as speed of analysis (less than a second), minimum sample preparation (process measurement possible) and accuracy (better than 0.1% for moisture in most of applications).

Wasatch Photonics Raman Spectrometers can verify the Authenticity of Foods like Tumeric, Pisco, and Saffron

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