Novel Spectrometers

Spectrometers are the heart of any analysis system.

The Spectral Engines NIR Spectrometers are the smallest and most cost-effective infrared spectrometer engines available today. Truly miniature in size, these tiny devices are useful in both reflectance and transmission modes for measurement of material properties (fat, moisture, protein, etc.) and chemical identification. These are small enough to be incorporated in portable devices or even into smartphones. Applications include food analysis, hydrocarbon analysis, soil analysis, and many others.

The Spectral Industries Echelle Spectrometer is a UV-compatible, rugged, compact device originally designed for the European Space Agency mission to Mars. Based on a CMOS camera (economical), it delivers a full range of 180 – 800+ nm at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems. This spectrometer could serve as the backbone for a rugged LIBS system for lab or field use, or as a detector for fluorescence or Raman spectroscopy.

Wasatch Photonics Volume Phase Grating Spectrometers are designed for high throughput (F#2) spectroscopy from the UV to the NIR.  Available in many ranges, these systems are useful for Raman, UV-Vis, and fluorescence spectroscopy.