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Spectral Engines NIR Spectrometers

NIRONE sensors are the smallest and most cost-effective infrared spectrometer available today. These miniature devices are useful in both reflectance and transmission modes for the purpose of measuring material properties such as fat, moisture, protein, etc. and for chemical identification. These are small enough to be incorporated in portable devices such as smartphones. Applications for the NIRONE include food analysis, hydrocarbon analysis, soil analysis, and pharmasceutical manufacturing.

CS&T PX2+ Photometer

The PX2+ Photometer is designed for use in continuous process monitoring applications in a variety of industries. The PX2+ is a highly sensitive an easy to use. This compact instrument is capable of making absorbance and fluorescence measurements. The PX2+ features a 3.2” capacitive touch LCD that allows users to calibrate and view data.

The SPECTRAL Industries IRIS Echelle Spectrometer

The IRIS is a UV-compatible, rugged, compact spectrometer originally designed for a European Space Agency’s mission to Mars. Based on a CMOS camera, it delivers a full range of 180 – 800+ nm at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems. This spectrometer could serve as the backbone for a rugged LIBS system for lab or field use, or as a detector for fluorescence or Raman spectroscopy.

Atto 3 Handheld Spectrometer 


An ultra-compact, high-performance, and cost-effective handheld spectrometer able for day-to-day uses, providing research-level performance. 

Spectroscopy from lab to pocket.