Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

What is Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)?

AFM provides a variety of atomic-level (10nm) characterizations such as topography, conductivity, elasticity, adhesion, frictional forces, thermal measurements, and hardness. AFM can integrate with spectroscopic tools to add chemical characterization to these systems allowing identification of materials’ phase, chemical structure, and crystal structure. AFM, when combined with Raman, enables a synergistic and holistic analysis of a given material, correlating the topography and physical properties of materials with their chemical structure.


Nanonics Imaging

Flash Photonics and Nanonics Imaging, Ltd. have partnered to offer a suite of spectroscopic and advanced imaging products at the cutting edge of AFM including the Hydra BioAFM, MultiView 4000, and SpectraView 2500. These systems offer integration with one or a combination of: Bio-Imaging Applications, Terahertz Spectroscopy, Cryogenic Systems, High Magnetic Field Studies, and Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering (TERS).