3DOptix: The Future of Optomechanics

3DOptix innovative optical components and mounting platforms enable advanced optomechanical functions and significantly simplifies alignment work. This modular system enables fast and robust implementation of optical experiments, especially in complex and crowded optical table environments. 

Easily Assemble Complex Machines that Perform Unique Optical Functions:

3DOptix Reference Designs guide users on how to use 3DOptix components to easily build:

  • Delay-Line Extenders
  • Multiple Pulses Apparatus
  • Mach-Zehnder Interferometers
  • Michelson Interferometers
  • Broadband Polarization Rotations
  • Mini Polarization/Rotation Periscope
  • Intensity Autocorrelator
  • Two-color Broadband Pump Probe

3DOptix Bundles are a great way to join the Optomechanics Revolution!

Easily Extend the Traditional 2D Optical Table into a 3D Grid

The BreadBox™ consists of several optomechanical building blocks that enable the extension of the traditional 2D optical table grid to a 3D grid. The BreadBox™ provides accurate mounting locations for standard optical elements in 3D and can significantly reduce the optical table footprint needed for an experiment and the time spent on alignment.

Focus on your Experiment, Not on Alignment

All the optomechanical elements and adaptors are mounted to the 3DOptix platform with dowel pins and dedicated screws to achieve maximal accuracy with the optical elements locations.

Welcome to Optomechanics 2.0!

Feel free to contact our team to see how 3DOptix can work with your project or how soon you can get a 3DOptix system into your lab.