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3DOptix Optomechanical Hardware

Optomechanics 2.0

• Build advanced optical instruments.

• Forget fidgeting with optical mounts. 3DOptix components snap into place, simplifying alignment.

 • The BreadBox™ is the evolved form of a traditional optical breadboard and allows you to build experiments vertically, above the optical bench.

 • 3DOptix is a great teaching tool for university optical labs.

Use 3DOptix to build advanced optomechanical instruments on your optical table

Learn how 3DOptix simplifies alignment work in the Optical Lab in this video.

3DOptix Kits are a great way to build the optical instrument you need.

  • Delay Line Extender

    Delay Line Extender

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  • Mach Zehnder Interferometer

    Mach Zehnder Interferometer

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  • Michelson Interferometer

    Michelson Interferometer

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  • Multiple Pulses Apparatus

    Multiple Pulses Apparatus

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Focus on your Experiment, Not on  Aligning Your Optical Bench

Optomechanical elements and adaptors are mounted to the 3DOptix platform with dowel pins and dedicated screws. Forget spending hours adjusting your optical mounts on your optical table or optical bench. Watch how you can easily snap optical mounts such as optical mirror mounts, diffraction gradients, and more into place.

Watch this video to see how 3DOptix opto-mechanical components are precise, modular, can move optical experiments into the vertical direction, and  easily enables synchronization.

We Evolved the Traditional 2D Optical Breadboard into the 3D Optical Breadbox

The 3DOptix BreadBox™ brings the optical breadboard into the 3rd dimension. The BreadBox™ consists of several opto-mechanical building blocks that enable the extension of the traditional 2D optical table grid to a 3D grid. It provides accurate mounting locations for standard optical elements in 3D and can significantly reduce the optical table footprint needed for an experiment.  Watch this video to learn more!

Watch this video to see an optical experiment easily built vertically. Forget adjusting optical mounts!

3DOptix Bundles allow you to build multiple optical instruments on your optical bench.

  • 3DOptix Rapid Prototyping Bundle

    3DOptix Rapid Prototyping Bundle

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  • 3DOptix Starter Bundle

    3DOptix Starter Bundle

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  • 4-in-1 Interferometry / Pump Probe / Autocorrelator Bundle

    4-in-1 Interferometry / Pump Probe / Autocorrelator Bundle

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  • Beam Organizer and Polarization Rotation Bundle

    Beam Organizer and Polarization Rotation Bundle

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3DOptix is a spin-off company from the Femto-Nano laboratory at Tel Aviv University in Israel. The core innovation is protected by a University patent. They have partnered with Flash Photonics in 2018 to bring 3DOptix to the United States. 

You can learn more at https://3doptix.com/.