Beam Organizer and Polarization Rotation Bundle


Due to the fact that many light sources are designed with pre-determined polarized light that might be different from your needs, 3DOptix provides you with the Beam Organizer and Polarization rotation bundle. The Beam Organizer includes the Organizer Get-to-Grid and Organizer Combine parts. Available in Imperial or Metric. Allow for 4 week lead time.

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The bundle includes the following 3DOptix optomechanical elements:

Item Number The Organizer Get-to-Grid Ø1″/25mm – Parts Description Qty
20020 / 20020-M Premium Box Frame – Floor/ceiling 9 (3X3) mount locations 5
20010 / 20010-M Premium Box Frame – Wall Frame 9 (3X3) mount locations 5
20703 / 20703-M Base-rail (1X3) 8
20200 / 20200-M Triangular Kinematic Mirror Mount – Ø1″/25mm 7
20100 / 20100-M Triangular Ø1″/25mm Mirror/DM Mount 4
20018 / 20018-M Premium Box Frame – Wall Frame 4 (1X4) mount locations 1
20025 / 20025-M Premium Box Frame – Floor/ceiling 1 (1X1) mount location 1


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