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Photonics Accessories

  • Simplified Microscopy
  • Monitor chemical processes
  • Are great for research & manufacturing!

Zoom Microscope

Designed for high resolution inspection applications, the Zoom microscope achieves uncompromised levels of performance. The fully optimized objectives designed to work together with the zoom optics deliver diffraction limited performance at all magnifications. Its compact and lightweight zoom module maintains a constant working distance over a full 12x zoom range and is equipped with a co-axial episode-illumination port.

Observational Unit with Coaxial Illumination (OUCI)

This compact microscope body is a customizable high performance imaging system for use in a wide range of applications from scientific research to industrial production equipment. The Observation Unit with Coaxial Illumination accepts a wide variety of corrected objectives and can be combined with a wide variety of optional components to accommodate many applications.