About Flash Photonics

Flash Photonics, Inc. is a US-based distributor of advanced optical sensing technologies. Partnering with multiple industry-leading manufacturers to bring customers the most innovative measurement-capable devices for optical monitoring and spectroscopy (including raman, LIBS, photoacoustic, fluorometry, photometry,  XRF, UV/Vis and infrared systems), Flash Photonics provides expert fit-for-purpose atomic, molecular and material property measurements. Its mission is to deliver the best, most cost-effective solutions to customers’ analysis challenges. With extensive experience in industrial, environmental and laboratory measurements, if a ready-made solution does not exist, the team at Flash Photonics will help find or with our capable channel partners design the best available system to solve the most challenging optical monitoring application needs.

Flash Photonics is part of the Salvo Technologies, Inc. group of companies, and delivers a complementary product line to greatly enhance customer solutions. Through years of strategic mergers and acquisitions, Salvo Technologies has become an industry-leading and vertically integrated photonics solutions provider that specializes in custom sensing and imaging platforms. Learn more about Salvo Technologies at www.salvo-technologies.com.


Sales Representation

We have experience selling complex systems, implementing projects, and helping customers solve spectroscopic problems.


Flash can enhance your market presence by developing sales collateral (copy, images, and video), developing your product’s online presence, and including you in our booth at the major spectroscopy trade shows in North America.

Business Development

The leaders at Flash Photonics are experts at complex negotiations and help clients handle OEM manufacturing and patent licensing, funding, and full acquisitions.