Photoacoustic Spectroscopy

The Gasera One uses photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS) to analyze hydrocarbons, pollutants, industrial gasses, and medical gasses in the range of 1-50 ppb.


  • Detection limits are in the range of 1-50 ppb for hydrocarbons, pollutants, industrial gasses, and medical gasses.
  • This system can be utilized for monitoring the environment, power utilities, food production, energy, process control, safety, and security.
  • There are several configurations of light sources and detectors available, depending on your application requirements and budget.

Gasera One Brochure

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Gasera Ltd. was founded in 2004 by the son of Prof. Kauppinen. The goal was to bring Prof. Kauppinen’s life work in the field of infrared spectroscopy to the commercial market. Currently Gasera employs about thirty highly educated specialists from the areas of physics, chemistry, mechanics, electronics and business.


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