NIRONE Sensors

NIRONE Sensors are OEM near-infrared (NIR) spectrometers made with MEMS Fabry-Perot Interferometers and work at the 1350 – 2150 nm NIR spectral range.

  • Compact (25 mm L x 25 mm W x 17.5 mm H)
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Robust
  • Available in High Volumes
  • Energy Efficient
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NIRONE Sensors

Compact, Affordable, and Reliable OEM Near-Infrared (NIR) Spectrometers

Spectral Engines NIRONE Sensors are compact, affordable, and reliable Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Near-Infrared (NIR) Spectrometers made with patented Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) Fabry-Perot Interferometers. The NIRONE Sensor is one of the smallest NIR spectrometers available on the market today. It has a higher signal-to-noise than both traditional NIR spectrometers and competitive products using MEMS technology. NIRONE Sensors are available from 1350 to 2450 nm.

NIRONE Top 5 Features: Small, Low-priced, Efficient, Durable & Robust, and Modular & Easy to Integrate

NIRONE Top 5 Features

NIRONE Evaluation Kit

Get your NIR Spectroscopy Started!

These kits include a NIRONE Sensor, USB Connection, and the SensorControl Software. This is a great way to try out your new device concept!

Flash Photonics Spectral Engines NIRONE Sensor

Flash Photonics Spectral Engines NIRONE Sensor


Here are different applications for the NIRONE Sensors:

  1. Smart Farming
  2. Optimizing Manufacturing Performance
  3. Smart Homes
  4. Portable Devices
  5. Food Scanning
  6. Pharmaceuticals
  7. Ultra-Low Moisture Analysis
  8. Hydrocarbon Measurements


The NIRONE Sensor is just one of 3 lines of Spectral Engines NIRONE products. Flash Photonics Kevin Kaye Blog NIRONE Sensor Device Scanner

NIRONE technology was the winner of the 2016 Photonics Prism Award.


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