Image displaying Spectrocam

UV/VIS SpectroCam


SpectroCam multispectral cameras deliver live processed images of 6-8 spectral bands at full-frame resolution and rates up to 25 frames per second (~2-4 stacks per second). Configure SpectroCam for your application using standard and custom interchangeable optical filters. Available in ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS), and short-wave infrared (SWIR) versions, SpectroCam cameras incorporate high-sensitivity image sensors.

SpectroCam makes multispectral imaging accessible to any user, speeding the development and deployment of various multispectral applications. Capture live images within minutes, using the acquisition software to enhance contrast and see beyond human vision. Customized OEM multispectral engines provide easy, modular integration into handheld optical devices and instrumentation.

  • Imaging – sequential 6-8 band multispectral imaging
  • Resolution – full-frame resolution at up to 25 frames/second
  • Customization – optimized spectral bands and imaging
  • Scalability – easy, modular device integration, from proof of concept to high volume production


Sequential 6-8 band multispectral imaging, full-frame resolution at up to 25 frames/second, interchangeable standard and custom spectral filters, intuitive acquisition software, and high-speed digital video output.

OEM Customization

Application-specific multispectral engine, easy, modular device integration, optimized spectral bands and imaging, and proof of concept to high volume production.


Art and archaeology, authentication, biomedical markers, colorimetric assays, enhanced night vision, food quality grading, forensics examination, high accuracy color, medical tissue analysis.

Spectrocam Datasheet – UV, VIS, SWIR