MarqMetrix All-in-One Raman System

Need to take a Raman measurement ASAP? Look no further than the MarqMetrix All-in-One, a complete Raman Spectroscopy Kit that allows you to start taking Raman measurements just a few minutes after opening the box.

MarqMetrix Ballprobes

Take Raman measurements in a flash with MarqMetrix’s selection of high-end ballprobes. MarqMetrix BallProbe technology utilizes an exclusively sourced, high-grade spherical sapphire lens. Users simply touch the probe to the sample and collect reproducible spectra of liquids, solids, slurries, powders and heterogeneous mixtures. The BallProbe allows non-specialists to collect high-quality data and eliminates user-to-user variation. MarqMetrix Ballprobe models include:

  • Bioreactor Ballprobe
  • Process Ballprobe
  • Performance Ballprobe
  • Fiber Ballprobe
MarqMetrix is a leader in Raman Spectroscopy, offering a numerous array of tools including their Ballprobes and their MarqMetrix All-in-One, a Raman system that allows you to make Raman measurements just five minutes after opening the box.

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