Serstech 100 Indicator 

Handheld Identification Made Easy

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Serstech 100 Indicator

The Serstech 100 Indicator is a hand-held Raman spectrometer that can identify more than 14.000 substances. It is customizable and works with fully validated libraries.

  • Truly hand-held. The Serstech 100 Indicator is small and light. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and in uniform pocket.
  • Robust. It’s high quality build enables you to get lab-quality analysis in even the toughest field conditions.
  • Customizable. You can customize the instrument for your particular applications. It can be used to speedily identify any combination of explosives, narcotics, toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), pharmaceuticals and chemical warfare agents.
  • Connected. You can manage multiple devices, send measurements, and analyze data using enriched libraries wirelessly or via cables with the ChemDash management and reporting software.
  • Easy to use. The Serstech 100 Indicator display is easy to understand and gives accurate responses in seconds.