Serstech ChemDash

Measure, Store, Analyze and Share Chemical Data

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Serstech ChemDash Software

Serstech ChemDash Software will provide valuable support for your chemical analysis with the Serstech 100 wherever you are whether in the field, in the car, or at the scene of the crime. ChemDash works both with the cloud and locally on your PC.


ChemDash One

ChemDash One is the stand-alone version of ChemDash software system. If you are typically working offline or have strict restrictions regarding sharing data through cloud applications, ChemDash One is the right software for you.


ChemDash Anywhere

If you need to connect indicators in a system or share real-time intelligence with the cloud, ChemDash Anywhere is the right choice for you. ChemDash Anywhere allows you to gather and share information between devices and utilize data libraries and user data locally or remotely.