NIR-Dip Probe

accurate near-infrared optical measurements in real-time

NIRONE Sensor + CST Probe 

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Having trouble finding the right tool for your near-infrared optical measurements?  Contact our experts so that we can build you a Custom NIR-Dip Probe for your NIR spectroscopic testing needs. In the image above, the Spectral Engines NIRONE Sensor is combined with the CST 3323 Series Probe. This powerful duo combines the precision of a CST Probe with one of the world’s most advanced and compact MEMS IR spectrometers. You can easily use this probe in the lab or out of the field. Contact us and we can mix and match options.

Technical Specifications

Range1050 nm to 2450 nm
Length30 CM (19 cm shaft, 8 cm housing)
Width / Height2.5 cm
Lens/Window AssemblySapphire Lens
Probe Material316 Stainless Steel
Customization?Custom sizes, optics, and material options available to fit your project’s needs.

CST Probes

Custom Sensors and Technology (CST) sells probes, photometers, flow cells, and other custom built sensors.


Spectral Engines NIRONE Sensors are compact, reliable, and affordable NIR spectrometers built for OEM and Research.