Summary: Flash Photonics, Inc., is selected to distribute SPECTRAL Industries revolutionary new UV-CMOS Echelle Spectrometer in the United States and Canada. The new system is perfect for LIBS, Raman, and fluorescence applications.

SPECTRAL Industries of Delft is proud to announce that it has selected Flash Photonics as its exclusive sales and distribution partner in the United States and Canada for its revolutionary UV-CMOS echelle spectrometer. The new UV-compatible CMOS camera and spectrometer are useful for UV wavelengths down to 180 nm, which is a clear first using a CMOS camera. SPECTRAL employees were involved in echelle spectrometer development for the European Space Agency for a planned mission to Mars. The system has unprecedented wavelength stability over a wide range of temperatures, and is built to survive in a rugged environment.

“Echelle systems are usually considered laboratory fare,” said Dr. Steve Buckley, President of Flash Photonics. “This technology changes the game in two ways. First, it is rugged and can be considered for industrial processes, and second, the CMOS camera lowers the price point and dramatically increases the download speed associated with the more common intensified CCD cameras used with echelles for spectroscopy.” Dr. Buckley’s opinion is that this system, which is roughly 10x8x4 inches including the camera, could be perfect for deployment in laboratory or industrial situations for LIBS, Raman, or fluorescence applications.

Dr. Ad Maas, CEO of SPECTRAL Industries, celebrated the new partnership. “I believe that the LIBS and Raman background of the Flash Photonics team is well-suited for introducing our product in the US and Canada. We are delighted to be working with the Flash Photonics team.” Dr. Maas noted that this is the first of several planned spectroscopy devices for SPECTRAL, which is an affiliate of the well-known Science [&] Technology Corporation of Delft.

SPECTRAL Industries, a high-tech startup company, was founded in 2015 by Dr. Marijn Sandtke and Dr. Maas, both former scientists of TNO, an independent Dutch research organization that focuses on innovation for corporate and government customers. SPECTRAL was recently awarded first runner-up in a national best tech-idea competition for 2016. For details see

Flash Photonics, Inc. is a US-based distributor of innovative spectroscopy equipment. For more information about Flash Photonics, see