TimeGate Instruments Oy of Oulu, Finland today announces that it has selected Flash Photonics as its exclusive sales and distribution partner in the United States and Canada.  TimeGate, which makes a patented Raman analysis system that specifically minimizes fluorescence emission which may mask signal from biological and other substrates, was founded by a group of scientists and engineers from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.  Using a combination of ultra-fast lasers and detectors, the TimeGate system is able to capture the Raman scattering while gating out the interfering fluorescence.

“This is a game-changer for materials analysis,” said Dr. Steven Buckley, Flash Photonics President.   “Traditional Raman systems are not very useful for many biological and geological samples.  With the TimeGate innovation, data show a robust Raman signature from these previously intractable materials.  We believe that there are substantial possibilities for this technology for application in mining, bioreactor monitoring, glass analysis, and polymer analysis, among many opportunities.”  He further commented on the strength of the TimeGate technical team and leadership, saying “this is absolutely the right team.”

Commenting on their selection of Flash Photonics, TimeGate President Jyrki Savela expressed confidence in their selection, saying “Flash Photonics really understands our technology and will be a great partner to introduce this in North America.”  Chief Marketing Officer Mari Tenhunen commented that she “felt the applications understanding and customer focus of Flash Photonics will help to place TimeGate technology in the right hands.”

TimeGate Instruments is a Finnish high-tech startup company founded in 2014.  For more information about TimeGate, go to www.timegate.com.

Flash Photonics, Inc. is a US-based distributor of innovative spectroscopy equipment.  For more information about Flash Photonics, see www.flash-photonics.com.

Link to press release <here>.