HL – 2000

Flash Photonics offers sturdy, reliable tungsten halogen light sources to meet your application requirements. All HL-2000 models have an integrated fan to keep the source cool and stable, and a built-in holder that accommodates filters for conditioning the light. Some models include an integrated shutter and a long-lifetime bulb. A universal power supply makes setup quick and easy. Our HL-2000 product family provides flexibility for your lab for measurements from 360-2400 nm.

The HL-2000-FHSA-LL version uses a unique long-life lamp that extends operation to 10,000 hours. The HL-2000-FHSA-LL includes an integrated shutter and long lifetime bulb. A universal power supply makes setup quick and easy.

  • Visible-NIR wavelengths - sources provide output from 360-2400 nm
  • Fiber optic - maximize light throughput with adjustable focus and alignment of the SMA 905 connector
  • Long lamp lifetime - to 10,000 hours
  • Standard and enhanced models - optional configurations offer high power or long lamp lifetime
  • High power output - (-HP) models have 20 W nominal bulb power
  • Integrated filter holder - some models (-FHSA) include filter holder, attenuator, and shutter

Halogen Light Source Manual