One of my favorite responsibilities as the President of Flash Photonics is to bring up-and-coming technologies to market. The photonics industry consistently sees incredible, new technologies from the major industrial application manufacturers. Recently, I have also been seeing technologies with a high level of performance coming from both the industry leaders and smaller, innovative companies who are agile and are willing to explore new application spaces.

Managing light on the optical table is an incredibly important task, but from my experience, has received less focus in the photonics industry. With the advent of truly turn-key lasers, there is more focus now on optical table alignment. Because of this, I was extremely thrilled to discover 3DOptix, an innovative company that is pushing optomechanics to a new, exciting, and more productive space. The key aspects of the 3DOptix technology are:

  1. Synchronization of optical mounts on the optical table
  2. Compatibility of optics with current optomechanics
  3. Utilization of the un-used space above the optical table via the BreadBoxTM

3DOptix Reference Designs enable the creation of complex applications quickly on the optical table, saving days of design, setup, and alignment work. Some 3DOptix advanced optical designs include:

  1. Beam Organizer and Polarization Control
  2. Pump Laser Beam Controllers
  3. Pump Probe Delay Line Optics
  4. Mach-Zender Interferometers
  5. Autocorrelators
  6. Management of Broadly Tunable Optical Parametric Amplifiers

Flash is excited to be working with 3DOptix to help bring on the Optomechanics 2.0 Revolution! You can learn more about 3DOptix and their applications here:

Stephen P. Smith, Ph.D.
Flash Photonics Inc.
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