Kevin Kaye, Rowena Clima, and I will be attending SPIE Optics and Photonics in San Diego from August 20th to 23rd.  Find us at Booth 728 where we’ll be demonstrating some of our newest products including:

     • Moku:Lab

     • 3DOptix

     • Resolved Instruments DPD80 USB Photodetector

     • Narrowband Solid State Lasers

     • Picoyune LeRoy Ultra-Stable LEDs

     • NIRONE Sensors

     • and much more!

If you’re interested in trying out one of these great devices, learning how optical sensing can help you with your project, or setting up a time to meet with us at SPIE Optics + Photonics, please e-mail [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you there!

Steve Buckley, Ph.D.
Flash Photonics



A compact and powerful test and measurement platform with 11+ professional instruments.
Visit our booth to try out the fluid and intuitive user interface. Watch it beautifully produce real-time data. With Moku:Lab at just 2.5 inches tall and 8 inches wide, see how much room you can save in your electronics lab.

NIRONE MEMS IR Spectrometers

These are the world’s smallest and most intelligent spectral sensor. See it in person and learn how you can incorporate it into your product.

Narrowband Solid State Lasers

Our ultra-stable Lasers from 405 nm – 1064 nm with a range of powers from 10 – 500 mW are ideal for precision scientific applications including Raman spectroscopy, metrology, and interferometry.
Watch as we bounce laser beams!

Picoyune LeRoy Ultra-Stable LEDs

These LEDs provides stable output power and control of the LED temperature to within 0.01 ºC. Picoyune LeRoy Stabilized Fiber-Coupled LEDs lower cost and improve performance of fluorescence spectroscopy.
See the light and ask us how you can use it in your project.


3DOptix innovative optical components and mounting platforms enable advanced optomechanical functions and significantly simplifies alignment work.
Visit our booth to see an optical experiment in action and try putting together an advanced optical function!

Resolved Instruments DPD80 USB Photodetector

A high-speed and low-noise detector with USB A/D conversion.
Visit our booth to see it work along with the Moku:Lab!